Music Production - TIPS & TECHNIQUES

This is a place where we can ask questions or share useful articles and tutorials about music production techniques. Any genre is welcome, we're all just people who are attempting to master the art of moving air at a controlled rate. There are four simple rules:

1. A Capella:
Don't ask how to make acapellas, how to remove vocals, how to isolate vocals, how to mute the beat and keep the vocals, etc. GOOGLE THAT SHIT! It's not simple, and if you don't speak English very well, I can almost GUARANTEE you that nobody here can explain it to you. Register at and, download the stems you need if you can find them (with the SEARCH FEATURE!), and ask around THOSE places if you want to learn how to do it yourself.

2. Spam
NO PROMOTION! If you post a link to your song and ask for likes, it will be deleted. One exception is if you respond to a question with a link to your song AS AN EXAMPLE of a point you're trying to make. Even then, don't ask for likes/shares, people will like and share if they feel like it. There are many groups dedicated to promoting underground music, and I encourage everyone to join them. This group is dedicated to helping members learn the skills needed to create music that's worth promoting Elsewhere.

3. Use Your Head
The purpose of the group is to share knowledge. Ask questions and answer questions. But try to keep it intelligent, search your question on Google before asking it here, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised to find that hundreds of people have already asked the same question and received responses. Music is a problem solving process, and in the digital age it is not hard to solve problems of knowledge as long as you can think of the right search terms. Before asking a question, please scroll down and see if the topic's already been discussed... this is common courtesy in any forum.

4. Snobbery
Your DAW of choice doesn't matter. I, myself, use FL Studio. I know many people who prefer Logic, Reason, Acid, Cakewalk, Cubase, Ableton, etc, and they're all capable of producing the same quality given that the USER is competent. It's all just different paths to the same destination. So I will be deleting any posts that talk trash on other DAWs, it's childish and does not help anybody improve their craft. The same goes for genre wars. I don't care if your style is dubstep, jazz, classical, electro, acid house, death metal, or flying spaghetti monster. Each genre exists because a group of people like that sound, so it is valid in its own way. Genre bashing (unless truly in good humor) will also be deleted. That being said, I personally dislike bigroom house and trap LOL

If you would like to post works in progress and request constructive criticism, join this group:

Let's all help each other reach our common goal of sonic mastery!