Anela's Piano & Music Private Lessons

If you are interested in Music Theory and Private Piano Lessons, please contact me.

My private lessons are open for both, children and adults. Music is known to be therapeutic and a great way to keep one's mind constanly young and active! It will help you develop skills needed in today's everyday world when it comes to; critical thinking, creative problem solving, effective communication, teamwork, and confidence .

Parents find that music improve their children's memorization, but it exptremly helps building child's self-confidence. Confidence will help children succeed not only in music, but in school and other activities. It will help keep kids occupied in school and less likely to drop out while helping them achieve in academic subjects like math, science, and reading etc..It is very exciding time for both children and their parents ,when a child reaches their goal weather it’s performing in front of others, or just finding enjoyment in music as an activity or hobby.

Adults see lessons as a creative passage and great skill to help them de-stress after a long day, as well as other health benefits of learning music. For many, music lessons are the beginning steps of a career but for others, music lessons are a way to express emotion or impress others with their new found talents through a birthday, wedding, or special event performance.

Older adults find that music lessons are a enormous help to stay mentally active. For some it’s all about shining up your skills that you already have, others are interested in gaining knowledge of something brand new that requires special talent.

At the end of the day, music for sure as a “Global Language” helps communities share ideas and values among cultures and generations.

Contact: Anela Pasovic
[email protected]