Muslims Are United

This Group created for those persons who wish to read and share their knowledge from
=:) QUR"AN & HADITH (:= with reference , Please write small massages but reasonable , Please abide by the rules and regulation of the Group . Your cooperation must be required , MAY ALLAH RABBUL IZZAT UNITE MUSLIMS UMMAH , Ameen

Why We Recommend Displaying In Muslims Are United ?

1- Educational, informative and positive thinking material with in QUR"AN & SUNNAH ,
2- Unity and awarreness of Muslim Ummah,
3- Imp Islamic Issue just like Kashmir, Palestain, Somalia, Sudan and Middle East,

Why Do We Remove OR Not Recommed For Displaying In Muslims Are United ?

1- Sectarian Matrial ,
2- Any controversial Useless and Unethical Vedio or picx displaying ,
3- Against cause of Muslim World ,
4- Disputed material ,

putting too much material will defeat the objective of conveying, as most people will not read the messages when they are in excess. Overloading people with messages, defeats the purpose of people benefitting. Balance and moderation is always best.
That,s why We allow everyone just 3 post a day because otherwise no one gona read or watch that if anyone post to much things , that,s why we will be removed that post from here ,

Hope you understand , Jazak Allah Khair