My Amish Recipes - New Group

Recipes archive coming soon!
1. Please remember this is an Amish Recipe page. The recipes are Amish. We do allow Mennonite, Pennsylvania Dutch, and German recipes since the Amish recipes come from or are related to the others. If you are looking for a recipe that is not Amish, it cannot be posted on this page. Any others will be deleted.
I ask that they come from an Amish (or related) source, like a cookbook. If you are not related to an Amish person or know one, you can still participate, as long as your recipes you post are from an Amish source.
2. NO LINKS ALLOWED! We do this to protect our members from viruses as we cannot check every single link for safety.
3. We are not a group to help you advertise your group, website, or business.
4. If you want to share a recipe from another place on Facebook or from a website, you need to copy and paste those recipes, not link/share from the actual place.
5. Do NOT reply to posts to things like “google it” or “look it up online.” That is not what this group is for. First time the comment will be deleted. The second time, you’ll be gone.
6. If you are looking for remedies, we suggest you look for the group “Natural cures not medicine group.”
7. We are happy to have you guys share recipes for things like soap and the like, but we cannot help you with things like bug infestations or animals in the garden. Please take those questions to groups specifically designed for those issues.
8. We love, love, love when you guys post recipes you have! But unfortunately some of the written ones where you take photos have been hard to read! So we ask that those who are sharing recipes, please take the time to type up the recipe when you post it (you can still share a photo, but make sure you share the typed one too!) It will make it easier for everyone!
9. When looking at a recipe in Files, if you didn't post it, DO NOT click on Edit. It scrambles the recipe and messes it up for everyone. To get back to the page, click on My Amish Recipes - New Group in the top right. If you have a recipe that is similar but has something different, post your recipe separately on the page or in a File.
10. NEVER post your own or someone else’s personal information! We have over 75,000 members and we want to keep you safe! If you see a post that has you worried about someone’s safety, please contact and admin and report the post to FB. Do NOT post their address, town, phone number, or anything like that as it is very dangerous!
11. Show respect to the administrators and other members of the group. Drama and disrespect will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the group.
It is okay to ask questions, preferably in a private message to an admin.
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