My mummy loves to chat..

Welcome to the group 'My mummy loves to chat'..

We are an online community where you can chat amongst other mums about everything us mums do!
We welcome all mums to the group - from first time mums to the mums of many!

My mummy loves to chat is a place for..
Making new friends
Seeking advice from other mums
Recipe Sharing
Supporting one another
Share stories/experiences
Feeling frustrated? Have a vent. We are here to lend an ear
Having fun
Random Acts of Kindness towards others
Anonymous questions/advice and needing support

My mummy loves to chat is NOT the place for..
Bad language
Disrespecting others

The other admins of the group are NICOLE SCOTT, KRISTY LEE and KAREN SOULIS.

Please feel free to pm any of us at any time.

Thank you and welcome.