NAAP - Network of Arab-American Professionals

Collective Advancement! NAAP is a non-partisan, volunteer based organization dedicated to the development of a prosperous & influential Arab-American community connected through our national network.

Our mission is to connect, organize & empower the community by channeling the interests and passions of our members through social, cultural, professional, political and service initiatives.

There are currently 10 NAAP chapters throughout the U.S. in:

* DC -
* NY -
* Boston -
* Philadelphia -
* Baltimore -
* San Fran Bay Area -
* LA -
* Chicago -
* Houston -
* Toledo -

We also have petitions underway in:
* San Diego -

We also have "Arab-American Networks" in the following areas:
* Austin:
* Dallas:
* North Carolina:
* Orlando:
* Seattle:
* Tampa:

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