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1) RULE #1 — NO SPAM ALLOWED. Posting SPAM will get you BANNED from this group. — Only group Administrators are permitted to post other content such as Gibbs Rules T-Shirt Ads, NCISfanatic Webcast Ads, Radio Station Ads, etc., in return for their time spent working as group administrators.

2) RULE #2 — NO CAMPAIGNING. Posts campaigning to get Cote de Pablo returned to NCIS will be removed. After a year of seeing these, we've seen enough of them.

3) RULE #3 — Do not post images or commentary that would be inappropriate for young viewers.

4) RULE #4 — Please avoid creating posts that ask group members to comment with a vote (ie. character vs. character, etc.). Each comment pushes the post right to the top of the timeline, leaving the same posts bunched-up at the top of the timeline and obscuring news and newer posts that are pushed far down the page. Each time someone posts a comment to these, their reply sends a notification to everyone else that made a comment, flooding many users with notifications and generating complaints to the admins which, quite frankly, are overwhelming us.

5) RULE #5 — If you wish to post only a COMMENT, please attempt to do so in the comments area of a relevant post. If you have a question, please review at least the first 50 posts to see if someone has already asked/answered your question. If not, please ask the question in the comments area of a relevant post.

6) RULE #6 — You are expected to be respectful and polite toward other group members when posting or replying in the comments. — Posts or Comments with PROFANITY or that are DISRESPECTFUL TOWARD OTHERS WILL BE DELETED.

7) RULE #7 — Please post only #NCIS #NCISLA & #NCISNOLA NEWS, PHOTOS and LINKS to News Stories that will be of interest to all group members. — DO NOT POST DUPLICATE CONTENT. Please review at least the first 50 posts to see if something has already been posted BEFORE you post it!

8) RULE #8 — NO PROFANITY! — If you muse use profanity as a form of expression, please substitute other characters like #%[email protected] into the word.

9) RULE #9 — NO RECURRING DEBATES! — Posting a single comment with an opinion, if done politely, is fine. Jumping back in with additional comments based on what someone else said when stating THEIR OWN OPINION …THATS A DEBATE!

Enjoy your visit with us…