“NARAYANGANJ” once popularly known as the
“DUNDEE OF THE EAST” because of Jute business.
Now known as the biggest exporters of knit and
woven garments around the world. In the time of
British India, this Narayanganj was very much
famous for Jute and Textile business. That’s why many British companies started their business in
Narayanganj within the year 1800. Some notable
companies are James Finlay, R Sim, Rally Brothers,
Lazarass & Co, JRS and many others. Since British
India period Narayanganj was the biggest river
port in the eastern region. May be at that time these British people thought to have some place for
sport, recreation & pleasure and may be from that
concept this NARAYANGANJ CLUB was formed in
the year 1893. As on today, after 114 years. The stone of NCL is still
rolling. Until 1947, no local people were allowed to
be a member or even to enter in this club. After
getting independence from the British Government
in the year 1947, (when Pakistan formed) the door
of NCL was opened for the local elites of Narayanganj along with the foreign members. Then again in the year of 1971, when we
Bangladeshi fought for our freedom from Pakistan,
the door of this club is again opened for any
Bangladeshi. Now this club is furnished with all
modern facilities like Tennis ground, Snooker room,
Gym with all sorts of modern equipments, Dining rooms, Decorated Lounge, Bar, Card rooms,
Swimming pool with Steam & Sauna, Snack shop, 2
auditoriums, guest house & others. Now we have 1276 members from different
sections of life, like Business man, Govt. service
holders, Teachers, Bankers, Doctors, Engineers,
Defense Officers, Ex Parliament Members and much
more. The club run by 11 executive members
headed by a President with one Senior Vice President and Vice President. This club is now
affiliated with many clubs in Bangladesh and
official email:[email protected]