Ministry of Agriculture: NOIMOA

Welcome to the Nation of Islam Ministry of Agriculture (NOIMOA)

" The Human System is the Greatest Example of Proper Distribution of Wealth" -MLF SD2013

Headquartered @ Muhammad Farms in Bronwood Georgia. (

Dr. Ridgely is the Minister of Agriculture and farm manager of a 1600 acre farm in southwest Georgia owned by the Nation of Islam. He is also the Agricultural Economist and Vice-President of the National Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association. He is the founder of the Kemetic Research Institute of Science and Technology located in Bronwood, Ga.

Our major goal is to develop a sustainable agricultural system that would provide at least one meal per day, according to the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad for over 40 million black people in America. Also this system should provide the necessary raw materials for the production clothing and housing for the 40 million are more black people in America. This requires the attainment, proper utilization and conservation of the useful land.

Our 1600 acre farm in Georgia must be viewed as the catalyst for the development of our sustainable food and fiber production system. However, we should not look to this farm for our total food needs. We must encourage the development of alliances with the 18,000 black farmers still in operation along with purchasing more land and developing more farmers. We must also develop small farms, urban farms, and home gardens to ensure to the production of pure, healthy food for our communities “from the land to to the man”.

Every City Should have a Registered Farm Coordinator Linked to Muhammad Farms in GA. Cause were not waiting on a Mystery God and Neither Should you.

We want to be recognized as a Progressive Action Oriented Organization that is able to efficiently facilitate the proper environment for the Sustainable Member Owned Co-Operatives Serving Our Communities.

Presented By Muhammad Farms and the NOI Three Year Economic Program. "Give us your Fast Food Money"

The NOIMOA has created a strategic plan to implement its vision. The framework of this plan depends on these key activities: expanding markets for agricultural products and support international economic development, further developing alternative markets for agricultural products and activities.

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Food Safety and Public Health
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Natural Resources and Environment
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Urban and Rural Development and Improvement