NeuroQueer: Intersecting Sexualities, Gender Identities and Neurodivergence

This group exists to generate conversation and coalition to assist in the wider struggles of queer, gender, trans*, disability and neurodivergent justice. But we want to hear about all kinds of social justice passions! We envision this group as a space in which we can interdependently create and explore all the things that NeuroQueer/neuro-queer/(insert your configuration here!) can mean to us in our lives.

We aim to integrate Big Tent Neurodiversity perspective with the wider set of social justice perspectives and goals. Some but not all founders are Autistic, and all brains are welcome.

Hate speech, spamming and trolling are not permitted here. People who do any of the above will be warned once and then banned. We stand against all forms of injustice including racism, trans antagonism, ableism, asexual and bisexual erasure, among others. As new ones come to our attention we stand against them too. Please note not to engage in these actions here.

In solidarity with users who access Facebook through a screen reader, we ask that all images posted in the group be posted with image descriptions. In solidarity with Deaf/HOH/Hearing Impaired users, we ask that all videos posted in the group be posted with a transcript. If you need help with either, you can ask. You can also use the Community Access group:

We ask for content headings on material that's emotionally intense. People should use their own judgment in deciding what posts qualify, and edit posts to add headings if/when they're requested.

This group deletes spam. Members are encouraged to post any relevant links or blog posts, but if links posted are either A. irrelevant or B. have been posted before, they will be deleted by admins.

Ibby's post demarcation rule at - please read before commenting or posting.