Near Term Human Extinction SUPPORT Group.

This is a Support Group for people who have accepted that human extinction is inevitable in the near term due to anthropogenic global warming (AGW) based on trends determined by scientific research. Consequences including nuclear fallout, wars, habitat destruction, and health threats leading to NTHE, are also included. There are support groups for families of people with terminal diagnoses, this is the same idea. It is a support group for members of a species with a terminal diagnosis.

Members and admins are not active here as trained therapists, psychiatrists, or counselors; and we do not and cannot offer such services.

Ages 16 + only will be admitted.

We moderate the wall heavily as a Safe Space to ensure our environment is inclusive for a large and diverse membership who are all grieving.
Our basic Rules are:
1) Kindness to other members is expected. Admins are members too.
2) We require everyone who posts a link to non-original content to include an introduction, describing how it relates to NTHE. This is to prevent spam.
3) Please refrain from references to illegal activities and substances, or suicide. This is to protect our youngest members.
4) Because we have accepted NTHE as inevitable, and this group is our refuge from false hope, we disallow any "hopium" (unless blatantly introduced as such.)
5) We delete comments denigrating race, gender, religion, nationality, age, political affiliation, diet, disability, or reproductive choice (see #1).

If a post or comment is deleted the onus is on members to contact an admin if they require an explanation. At times, an admin may contact a member for clarification.

Please message Admins about posts or comments that may violate our Rules of Conduct.

Given the nature of our group, only direct requests for membership will be allowed. Member requests to add friends will not be accepted. Please direct them to, and ask them to request to join.