NYC Filmmaker's 911 Network

So your AD gets sick, your sound guy books a better paying gig, or your lead actor pulls a diva routine and bails the day before the shoot. Now what the hell are you gonna do?!

We've all been there, so lets pool our resources and connections to help out our fellow filmmakers in need!

Writers; directors, editors, actors, sound guys, gaffers, animators, DPs, ADs, and any other person ACTIVELY involved in filmmaking in the NYC area is welcome to join! New members are allowed to post a brief introduction on the wall upon joining, but after that, please restrict your activity to posting jobs and commenting on job posts. Ads are also allowed on the wall, with several limitations.

You'll get much more out of this network if you have push notifications enabled, and please make sure to add all of your NYC filmmaker friends, because the more members we have, the more filmmaking opportunities there will be. Now lets get to work!

911 Operator standing by...