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1. Our New York Wedding and Event Professionals group is an open moderation of discussions, thoughts, viable opinions, and useful substance that is directed towards the wedding and event profession.

2. The use of crude, profane, or abusive and or antagonistic language is unacceptable.

3. Discussions must be kept within the context of the discussion.

4.Let the forum members know what type of business you operate and tell the forum where you are located and how you are an expert in your line of work.

5. The sharing of helpful ideas or asking for advise or even help, working techniques that have benefited your business and or businesses you are acquainted with, and marketing, and selling successes that you would like to share with the forum members.

6. Self promotions will be acceptable as part of the discussion. However if you join only to promote or market your business your membership will be revoked

7.The moderators have final say on who or what context is allowed in the discussion forum.

8.Sexual innuendos will not be tolerated in the discussion.

9. You will receive suggestions, and advice from members and we ask that you have an open mind regarding observations made by our members pertaining to what they may perceive is honest help and support. Do not take suggestions or advice or be defensive about the advice and help offered by members. Keep in mind that your acceptance into this group does not give you the right to manipulate or engage in any vitriol towards members unless the comments, advice or suggestions cross the line of common courtesy and respect towards you and your business.

10. If this occurs we will handle the situation and make a decision into any controversial or offensive manner. Our forum has been a benefit and an positive experience for all our members and we plan to keep it that way.

11. If you are found to be a scam business or attempt to defraud, or conduct an criminal or illegitimate action towards any member/business you will be immediately removed from membership.

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- Webinars & Virtual Learning Events
- Virtual Networking Events
- Event Camps & Unconferences
- Event Planning Blog Directory
- Book Reviews
- Free E-books
- Charity Events
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