Nanoblock Fan Page (ナノブロック・ファンページ)

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This is an extension of the Nanoblock Fan Page! This is where Nanoblock fans can freely...

(1) Share your pictures of your completed Nanoblock sets
(2) Show off your latest Nanoblock loots and collections!
(3) Discussing about upcoming Nanoblock releases!
(4) Share pictures of your original creations!
(5) Talk any and everything Nanoblock!

** We do not condone sharing of instructions to official Nanoblock in-production or out-of-production Nanoblock sets! Instructions made by hand of official products or people's custom creations without the owner's permission is prohibited in this group! Please refrain from doing all this in this group! Thank you for your understanding!

** Also, please retrain from doing any Nanoblock sales in this group due to conflicting interest with our services. Please use other means to conduct your trading/sales elsewhere. Thank you for your support!