Nanuet Parents Share

Welcome to Nanuet Parents Share. This group is a not affiliated with the town or the school district. This forum is for members to ask questions, seek advice, get recommendations, free-share, set up playdates, and post local activities/events/fundraisers that would be of interest to the Nanuet community.

Advertising is currently allowed on Fridays only. Any advertising posted on any other days will be deleted. Also, if it looks like spam, it will be deleted.

Your point of view is welcome when it's appropriate, relevant to the discussion, and respectful of other members and local businesses. Please do not post opinions - good or bad - about our teachers. (Even if you have something good to say, it may lead people to believe that the other teachers in that grade are not good. This is not fair to our wonderful teachers, some of whom are in this group). Additionally, please do not post negative comments about our local businesses. Those are more appropriate in a private message.

For education talk please join "Educating Nanuet Parents".

Anything inappropriate will be deleted/blocked.