Nepalese in Photography

This is a group for all of us Nepalese who are interested in photography. Share your images here and get opinions other members. Lets improve ourselves as photographer by sharing.

Let there be NO RULES, as we are all grown up people and more than that we are Nepalese from Nepal, who are known for having more common sense than most country people in the world. But here are some NOTES:

Anybody who post NON-PHOTOGRAPHY related post/event would be BANNED without any notice. Same goes with the ones who flood posts. Please keep this in mind while posting.

We will also permanently BAN any members who post plagiarized content. A member may post work of another photographer but for reference purpose only. The member posting such content should provide a link to the source from where it was copied along with the content.

This place is NOT for ABUSING anyone personally. So, we REMOVE IMAGES with abusive comments and BAN MEMBERS INVOLVED.

But do STRAIGHT FORWARD HONEST COMMENTS if you are a BEGINNER and are here to LEARN. Cuz' you DON'T make masterpieces when you know nothing.

If you are commenting on an image, try giving feedback taking in consideration any photography rules or so. This can help the poster to get better.

NEW MEMBERS: Please do not flood with your images. Please POST ONLY 2 IMAGES per day. Let EVERYONE have some SPACE.

PLUS: People trying to SPREAD HATRED are BANNED.