¤~Anime Is Us Central!!!!~¤

Greetings Anime fans, to the new and improve, New Anime Is Us !!!!!!

At New Anime Is Us !!!!!! you can discuss Anime, hear others thoughts, socialize, and mostly to make friends. Talk about Yu-Gi-Oh!, DragonBall, Pokémon or even Final Fantasy.~Demetri

And to just sum it up, its just a Socializing group where you can talk about anything and everything. ~Demetri

No One Can Be Admins Except the people that I (Demetri Sowelle the owner) chooses to be, and even that, if your not active (like not been on in forever (4-whenever months) u loose that title.
We Have Nikki Marie As the do whatever girl of the group :D. and You have Demetri (ME!! ♥) that is just as random as they come in this group, Elizabeth and Kea as the 2 artist and writer duo :D ... there are others but it is up to u to socialize and get to know us all admins and stuff like that :P

^_^ And now we should start role play to make new fun in group, if anyone wants to RP lets get making it happen XD

So come on down, and most importantly, have fun!

Rules: One Rule.... No bickering and arguing and cussing out and fighting allowed in this group. Its to make friends and Express opinions, not kill each other..

since it's an anime/random Group stuff from other topics are allowed in too such as ecchi (only ECCHI NO HENTAI), RP, Music and so forth sooo find your comfort and make it be :D

SN~ the group is now open to anyone now, everyone can join,
But still need approval into group. and the admin rule still holds :)