New Face Painters Help Group

REQUESTS TO JOIN: Please click the 'join' button then message Iris Doppenberg Jägers - the admin responsible for adding new members. Only face painters will be accepted, so unless your profile shows you are very obviously a face painter you will only be considered for approval once you have messaged Iris, otherwise your request will be rejected.

This is a nice KIND group where people NEW to Face painting can come for help, advice, critique, ask questions and post pics. Advice offered should be polite and constructive, anything which could cause offence will be removed.

PHOTOS - please ensure face paint models are over 3 yrs old and your own work. All photos should be accompanied by some writing explaining what advice is being sought. They can be to ask for advice, show improvement or to illustrate a point. Please do not add photos with no explanation or purely for inspiration. Remember to credit the original artist if you have copied or been inspired by someone else's work.
Any photos which might cause upset i.e. disfigured faces should not be posted immediately in a post. Please write something like 'I am posting a photo of ..... please look below if you can offer some advice' then post the photo in the comments.

This group is managed by a team of admins who cover the time zones and are happy to help: Val Hayllar (UK) Iris Doppenberg Jägers (Holland), Peta Rogers (Australia), Linda Hoya von Lund (Norway), Doddle Dawnie (UK), Monica Murphy Womack (America) & Marie Owens (Australia)