Google Nexus 7 2013 - Philippines

Rules and Regulation of the Group:
1. Members are encouraged to share and assist others with their concerns/issues related to the Nexus 7 2013
2. Please maintain proper use of language. Txt spk or ALL CAPS to be used in the bare minimum.
3. Please follow proper netiquette rules on Flaming, Bashing, Trolling, Bumping, Spamming, etc.
4. Links to apps/roms/mods may only be posted if they came from: Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, and/or direct developer's link/site. Suggesting to other websites not mention on this list is also prohibited.
5. Discussion of piracy on apps/games is strictly prohibited on this group.

The rules are easy so please follow it. The admins has the right to kick members. Thanks

If you have problems feel free to contact admins 24/7:

Derik Araneta
Ralph Jamili
Raymond Jay Golo
Ezon Aguila
Irwin Moya

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