Noah's Journey with his Autism Service Dog

Noah is a 12 YO with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder as well as being a developmentally delayed miracle baby and quite the fighter. He faced many challenges from birth, born premature around the threshold where survival is barely possible and unable to breathe on his own. After surviving through a few code blues and other challenges, he struggled through motor skill challenges and eventually learned to walk and talk (much later than typical toddlers). He is sensitive to noises, touch, smells, food textures in his mouth and other various things, although he has made great progress and can now tolerate a lot. Noah has found singing to be one of his favorite pastime activities. He has literally memorized hundreds of songs and can sing one after another when he is in the mood, which is quite often (frequently after his long days at school). He has had a love for all kinds of stuff animals and loves to go to sleep with them. With our concerns for Noah’s safety and in our search for ways to help Noah grow in social situations and other ways, we came across C.H.A.P.S. We believe a service dog will benefit him in many ways and Noah definitely has a love for dogs. We believe a trained service dog will not only help Noah learn how to be responsible, more caring and keep fit by walking his dog daily, but to be able to be more appropriate in social situations without tending to stim in a corner by himself or pick (which tends to cause bleeding and scarring) or acting out and even putting himself in unsafe positions/situations. Noah has taken off many times in public not comprehending the possible hazards or dangers. When he was in public school, he has even run out the building across a busy street. With a trained service dog, we believe Noah will continue to grow in leaps and bounds. We believe someday he will be a very successful productive individual. He has many great qualities, one being he is very persistent and gives tremendous effort and energy to improve himself, despite his challenges.