Humanrights needs in Norway now:

We have to save humans lifes now, Norway don`t follow they`r own... Humans rights at all. We have to change this now. Make a real war whit now brutalitys, bat there we do all we can, even if the Police came, to stop what`s happen to so many lifes in ore cuntery. Humans lifes is not importen at all for ore Norwegian systems. Norway have to follow the humans righst so say: You have to respect all types of humans and all humans should have the same types of respect and health cares, there should not be ANY defferens at all. All humans should get the same types of help and the same types of help and understanding in any case. You should not get a better help because of your own power ore your family situations ore your power whit monyes and any things else. No defferens at all, if you are a Norwegian human. That`s what`s we have in ore red rights book. Ore systems don`t follow the rights at all. We see so bigg defferens. If you get abused at any way in the systems, from proples in the health system ore from any police man ore woman, then you have now rights, bat you have a lot of rights! We have to show peoples real love and real understanding. I go self whit a broken right foot for all most 2 years in full work in Selmer Skanska. I get CRPS II / Causalgia to, the most brutal fysiologich pains of them all, so we nows about from the first war in 1914. Be a human rights fights right away, we need you all amen ;o)