North American Western Dressage

North American Western Dressage Mission

Western and English riders have many differences, but we all want to build a better relationship with our horses, and we all want safer, more well-behaved equine partners. North American Western Dressage and its regional subsidiaries are dedicated to finding common ground between disciplines and educating riders from all backgrounds.

We will educate the public about this exciting new sport and provide opportunities to compete and receive feedback. We will provide an open and inviting atmosphere at our events and will emphasize safe and fun competition.

We are committed to providing a friendly and safe environment for all of our members so they can learn and share about Western Dressage.

No bullying, name calling, foul language, private harassment, or public lies about NAWD, it's representatives, Facebook guests or association members is allowed. Bullying is described as being emotionally unfriendly, tormenting for any reason including, gender, religion, age, disability, ethnic origin, nationality, appearance, class, sexuality, or riding discipline.

Bullying also includes name-calling, derogatory remarks, and/or spreading rumors that do not have basis in fact either in this group, in other groups, or by private message. Disagreements are allowed so long as they are presented respectfully and in a non-threatening manner. If bullying does occur, as defined above, we reserve the right to remove your comments, post in the group regarding the offense, ban you from the page temporarily or permanently, and include you on a list of internet bullies, to be shared on our page and our regional pages. This may be done with or without warning so if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

We will welcome all organizations and individuals to join us and we will not discriminate for any reason.

Advertising in our Facebook groups is a right that we reserve for our professional and premium members. You can join here