Mt. Sinai/Miller Place Moms Making Money (Yard Sale from your Own Home)

Let me begin by stating this group is for Mt. Sinai/Miller Place and surrounding areas(within a 5-10 mile radius or so) If you are posting from outside of these areas please know that it may be expected that you drop off what you post otherwise this is not a group that will work for you. Many towns have these type of selling sites so maybe finding one in your area may work better for you. This group is intended to list items for sale. Please feel free to list household items that you are no longer using or baby items that you may no longer need. These items should be described accurately and should be marked with the $$ amount you would like and where they can pick up their item (e.g. your house or a public meeting place). The group also welcomes services, such as food services, cleaning services, children events, fundraisers as well as anything else that could be of value to someone else. Since SINCE I am an Independent Consultant for ORIGAMI OWL INDEPENDENT DESIGNER SO PLEASE DO NOT LIST IF YOU TOO ARE AN ORIGAMI OWL DESIGNER.
PLEASE TO NOT POST ANY INAPPROPRIATE items or PASSION PARTIES on this site or it will be removed.
This can be a benefit for all and I hope you make the best of it. Please feel free to invite people since that is the only way they will be a part of the site. NO ONLINE/INTERNET MARKETING OR SELLING NON AUTHENTIC PRODUCTS UNLESS STATED THAT THE ITEM IS IN FACT NON AUTHENTIC!!!