Northern Ontario Gun Trader

Northern Ontario Gun Trader
BUY/SELL/TRADE/AUCTION Firearm's & Firearm Accessories

Id just like to welcome everyone to the group and there's a few things id like to mention so please take the time to go over them..
-Ammo & Accessories are permitted so post away..
-"ISO's" or "In Search Of" adds are also permitted..
-Delete your post if its sold please...
-keep it respectful, If you dont like someones price thats fine, you can tell when something isnt worth it.. It just wont sell, so no need to bash the guy when he may be beating himself up already!
-If your auctioning something, there must be an end time, and a bid can be no lower than 5$.... Save the change for tim hortons!!! If you're going to bid, You are responsible to make sure you know what youre bidding on, there is no "well, I didnt read it" that dont fly and will get you removed from this group..
same applies to someone if they retract their bid or the listed item.. Sellers and buyer's didnt come here to look at pictures and dream!! they came here to do business, so be a good business man or you will be removed (we work with other fb gun auction groups and have an index of people who have screwed/ripped off people to ensure they stay off our sites!)
-ILLEGAL ITEMS**** Dont post it! Fastest way to have your local authorities at your door!!
-If you see anything that is odd in appearance or questionable, Tag us or Private message us Immediately, we will do our best to make sure that the ads are good, no spam is being posted, and problematic people are removed.

Dont be shy, contact an admin if you have any questions.. that's what we are here for...

Hope you guys find what you're looking for on here, good luck and happy selling!

July 9th 2014 *** UPDATE
Facebook has been sending us a "warning" message saying since our page is for firearms we must include this or they will shut us down,
“The private sale of firearms is regulated in most locations, and may even be prohibited. In some locations, a background check may be required prior to transfer. Please ensure that you are following laws that apply to you. Learn more:"