Nutrition for Truckers

The purpose of this group is to help truckers get nutritionally healthy. We believe in the 70-20-10 ratios for overall health. 70% is our nutrition plan, 20% is how we exercise and keep the body in motion 10% is what we do to rest and recover properly. Our program and group support will give you the ability to monopolize on all three of those!

The 3 key areas this group would like to focus in on for those on the road are:

1. Sleep as sleeping patterns (or lack there of) and fatigue are big issue in truck driving,

2. Weight-loss because gaining weight for a truck driver is very easy but losing weight is very difficult,

3. Natural energy for alertness, alertness during extended or undemanding tasks is essential for safety and productivity. Fatigue contribute to human error and consequently to many (sometimes catastrophic) accidents.

We will be sharing a nutritional system designed for truckers as well as healthy meal ideas and ways to eat and stay healthy on the road.

This group is focused on the question; What promotes health in the context of a trucker's life? The body is an amazing miracle that has the ability to heal itself, to replenish itself and to replicate itself. As Hippocrates says, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” We are focused on getting the bad impurities out of the body and putting the good stuff in the body. We are not claiming we can heal health problems but we are seeking for ways to help the body become healthy and stay healthy. We have an all natural nutrition program from clean food sources that may help a person to fuel and replenish or help a person to detox the body of any impurities that do not allow the body to be all that it can be.

We will be having conference calls to talk and to share information on ways of becoming healthy.

Individuals in the group are encouraged to educate the group of toxins, GMO, food additives and anything else that can be harmful to the body. This group's tone and nature is to be one of encouragement and one of sharing what is helping others become healthy.

Any post that the admin of the group are uncomfortable with or any post that any member of the group brings to the attention of the admin will be removed if it seems inappropriate in the opinion of the admin. The admin maintains the right to remove anyone from the group as they see fit for any reason what so ever.

Get involved and get healthy!