Osho Beloveds Commune Ltd.

A Corporate company run by Osho Lovers, which creates Places for meditation and living together.

Obcl will venture into many business and with those profits create and sustain communes.

Already created a model commune "Osho Shaswatham" in Avinashi (At the foothilss of Nilgiris - near Coimbatore. ), Tamil Nadu.

OBCL's next venture is creating a self sufficient commune in Chennai, where 30-50 meditators can live together.

We are not spreading osho. We r creating communes , so that the already existing osho lovers can live,laugh and celebrate together and grow individualy.When many individuals grow in meditation and celebration then osho ( Osho field ) spreads on his accord as a by product. Our intension is to create communes where people can live a Zorbuddha life and expereice OSHO.

Future Projects:
Creating communes in Banglore,Hydrabad,Cochin and many cities across the world.

For more Details Regd - Whats a Commune & Why communes..Pls check the docs.

Love n hugs,