OC Sales- Only $50 & Less

When I come to Facebook to purchase items online, I am never looking to spend more than $50 regardless if the item is new because once it's bought it's never the same price and used items are simply not at the same value (except antiques) so that is why I have created this page for all those people selling items at $50 or less.

So all shoppers not looking to spend more than $50, I hope this page can be of help.

Please be considerate make sure all items are in good condition. Respect other people's posts, no judgment or drama please or you 'will' be Banned!

-Only serious sales & buyers!!!
-No Wic, EBT or state help items can be sold!!!
-No illegal actions, no drugs, alcohol,...

Happy day shoppers & Enjoy!!!

**Fun filled activities only on Friday**
**Spam day only on Mondays**
*******Only on comments*********

If you have any questions or concerns,
admin; Nati, Sendy, Christian & Jeff.. (Look on notes tab 4 further info)

Thank you for your visit..

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Have a wonderful Day!