OCC Anime Manga Cosplay Community

This is the official discussion group for Orange Coast College's Anime Manga Cosplay Club (AMC). If you are an OCC student interested then add yourself to the group. We can't start without your support so please tell your friends! =)

If you need to contact the President or the Vice President, contact the Secretary, 714-657-0196 and he will contact them for you. Due to the fact that the President has been getting harassed by people, she will no longer be giving out her phone number.

AMC wants to unite people with common interests to form a strong and interactive community of friends. We want to expand past just sitting around and watching anime by presenting a mix of fun things to do at meetings and gatherings. Come here to make new friends, freely express yourself, and learn and share about the AMC culture.

To stay updated on what's to come LIKE our Facebook updates page.

For gatherings OUTSIDE of OCC, join our fellow officer's SoCal Anime/Manga/Cosplay Club here on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/groups/134166020019661/

We are the "cousin club" of OCC's Gamer's Guild.
CONTACT: Our club email is [email protected] but you can also message the Admins of this group or post a new discussion if you have questions.
Advisor: George Peters

OFFICIAL Officers:

*~ President: Vivian Yip ~*
~ Vice President: Candice Marisa ~
~ Secretary: Marvin Ayala ~
~ Treasurer: Brad Waechter ~
~ Historian: Linda Le ~
~ Fixer / Nurse: Thai Hoang ~