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It's all about Orange County Moms! Ask advice, give suggestions, tell personal stories, set up play dates and moms night out!

Group Owner / Founder - Lisa Santiago
Admin - Laurel Haswell

****Side Note from Lisa****
This is NOT a buying/selling group or business promotions group. I will delete your post 2x. 3rd time, I will have to remove you from the group. There are so many garage sale websites you can use for that. If you want to advertise your business, please do so in the business thread. I will delete your post 2x. The 3rd time I will delete you! Thank you for understanding!

We have a ZERO tolerance for taking personal stories, images, or personal information posted with in this group and shared anywhere else on the internet without consent. If an instance is reported and confirmed, the person violating this rule will be removed from this group, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

If Conversations become heated and people start disrespecting one another, the conversation will be deleted without notice. I hope everyone understands. If you have any questions, please PM me.

If you're asking for medical advice, please remember that most of the people on here are not medical professionals and that their advice is just something they "think" is correct. The best thing to do is to seek advice from your doctor. OCNYMOMS and their admins are not held responsible for any medical or non medical advice you receive.

When sharing a negative experience, remember, the owner, employees, or other people affiliated with the business might be part of this page. Please make sure your accusations of that business are 100% true. Before accusing them of giving your child an illness or something along those lines, make sure your facts are 100% straight. You can't say your child caught something from a business when they've been there and 10 other places. My son is sick with a cold, I can't accuse McDonald's in Chester of not being clean and making him get sick since he also goes to the Library, play group, stores, and his sister goes to Kindergarten with a ton of other kids. Don't post about an experience with a business if it didn't happen to you. We have to remember that this is someone's livelihood. If it's 100% facts, then go ahead and share if you experienced it. Also remember that since the owner/employee could be part of this page, be prepared to deal with the aftermath of confrontation from them. I once posted about a company who came to my house to fix something and I wasn't satisfied. I was prepared for the phone call that I received later on from the owner because I knew his wife was a part of this group. I did remove my post because even though I never used names, he said he was losing business from my post, although I did not agree with the quality of work he did.

If you choose to donate to someone, donate at your own risk.