Olympus Digital Camera & Photo Enthusiasts


Olympus Digital Camera & Photo Enthusiasts group (ODCPE) is a place to actively discuss Olympus digital camera technology and post images made with Olympus digital cameras.

Following are ODCPE's terms of use. You agree to these terms by posting on the site:

Because we cater to families, including children, it is important to consider this group PG rated. If your 12-year-old daughter would be uncomfortable looking at an image, it really doesn't belong on ODCPE. Images with extreme gore, real or fake, and frontal nudity, are not appropriate for this site.

ODCPE is a PUBLIC group site and you should not post images here that you do not want the public to see, share, or steal. At a minimum, place a watermark on your images.

ODCPE is not a group to post a long stream of pretty pictures. There are plenty of groups around for that purpose. Instead, we enjoy discussing Olympus cameras and equipment and images. With each image posted, please explain something about the image. Tell us where, when, why, and with what equipment and settings you took the picture. We don't just want to look at pictures, we want pictures that stimulate conversation. Limit your daily image postings to a reasonable number of images, not a continuous flow of picture after picture with little conversation quality. Please note that images and links to images with no shooting and equipment information are subject to deletion. A member who continuously refuses to add information to the image, or does not comply with the other terms listed here, is subject to removal from ODCPE.

You may not post images as a whole or in part for which you do not own the copyright, unless you have permission—in writing—to use someone else's work for your own purposes. In other words, it is not appropriate to post another photographer's image(s) on ODCPE without explicit permission. Any images posted that are determined not to belong to the poster will be removed and the infringer's account canceled immediately. We do not condone copyright infringement.

When an image is posted on ODCPE by an individual who is requesting constructive criticism, it is not appropriate to download, edit, and repost the image—without the explicit permission, in writing, of the copyright holder.

This site is moderated by experienced moderators. Please be aware that personal attacks on others will not be tolerated at ODCPE. We want this site to remain friendly. Good, deep discussions, even with disagreements, are welcome. However, it is possible to disagree without being antagonistic. Self control is wise within a group of creatives, such as ourselves. Artistic people seem to have strong emotions. It is best to think twice before making some posts. Read over what you've posted and if it is attacking someone or will cause the flames to start roaring, please edit and tone down your post. The mods, with the massive BAN hammer having that out-of-this-world quality, are constantly on the watch! :-)