The main objective of the group is to help co-OFWs to prevent sufferings that is usually experienced by OFWs in the countries they are working. We have to help each others by giving advises basing from our experience and studies.
1. Posts shall be limited to OFW problems that require help from other member OFWs, or from the concern government officials.
2. Posts could also be about the success of OFWs to encourage other OFWs or future OFW's to strive for their success.
3. Any Filipinos will be accepted as a member by sending request for membership by opening the Group website: www:facebook.com/groups/OFW.PH.
4. Anybody could request their friends to become member/s by clicking the “members” and click “+add People”.
5. Existing OFWs or future OFWs could be added as a member.
6. This group is not for Business Advertisement, or for Political Purposes-endorsing their candidates.

Let us be one family and avoid using words that hurts the feelings of others, and show respect to everyone.