OFW Hideout


- a closed group created for basic and literal fun with enjoyment.

Rules and regulations:

- trash talk not allowed.
- no foreigner allowed.
- nudity not allowed.
- respect is a must.
- sexy pics will not be allowed depending upon the photo (i.e. wearing undies not in the form of swimsuit or trunks, not in a beach or resort, not in a photo shoot and etc.)
- creator and admins decision at all time.
- business not allowed.
- walk,coffee and other sex related post are not allowed.
- members not following rules and regulations will be automatically banned without any further warnings.
- posts exceeding beyond the rules and regulations will be deleted without any acknowledgement given.
- cleavage issues will be creator and admins decision if acceptable or not.
- must be friendly at all times
- must be open minded in some jokes or post but not exceeding beyond rules and regulations.
- use only necessary and proper words.
- avoid arguments.
- any post or comment exceeding to our rules and regulations please let the admins and creator know it by clicking the report to admin at the upper right portion of the post, message, mention and screen shots could also be given so that our group will have a smooth flow regarding our the R&R policy and implementation.