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Introducing the new meaning of "OFW", ON-LINE FILIPINO WORKER.

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To be an OFW sometimes is the only option of common Filipinos to give better future to their families. With the help of new Technology, we Filipino's can become a new generation OFW's without experiencing the sacrifices of an OFW . Broken Families are sometimes the worst result of being an OFW.

The purpose of creating this group is to bring to the Filipino's the awareness that there is an opportunity to Earn money on-line by taking advantage of the new technology that we already have. All we have to do is explore and learn to take advantage of it's full potential. Let your internet connections be an asset instead of liability. Instead of using your computer/internet connections as past time, adding to your monthly expenses, why not explore the possibility of earning on-line. Socializing with your friends on-line is good but Earning while socializing with your Friends is better.

This is an open Group where member's can post their on-line business, share their on-line marketing experiences and make other member's aware of the Scam on-line programs. Let other learn from our experiences so they can avoid the mistakes we make.

Please add your Friends to our Group so they will also know the earning opportunities that on-line marketing offers. The more you add the better for all of us. This group is also open to other nationalities who want to promote their legitimate on-line business. Any on-line business claimed by the member's to be a scam program will be deleted and will not be allowed to be posted again. Member's are requested to give update of the on-line programs that they promote. If it turned to scam, it will be our responsibility to warn other member's not to join the program. If it brings good earning opportunity then share it with the member's so others can also avail of the opportunity.

As our group grow bigger, we are also expecting that some of this business opportunities may go bad or turn to scam thus we are encouraging all member's to give feedback to the group about the status of any on-line business that you will see here. We don't want to create misunderstanding between the member's by saying that what is being promoted by one member is a scam but it is also our responsibility to all member's not to let them join any scam business. We want to make this group clean from anything that will give our member's bad experience in OL business. I also encourage all members to make their own analysis of their OL business before promoting it to the group. We are here to help our member's and not to give them bad experience in OL business.

To help our member's know which OL business are legitimate, we suggest the following steps to be followed by all members. If somebody posted an OL business and you are also into that business or you trusted the member who posted it then make it a point that you "like" the post. It is just like saying to all the members that "THIS BUSINESS IS OK or YOU CAN TRUST THIS GUY". . .If your OL biz post do not receive any like then the message is clear " WE STILL DON'T KNOW THE BUSINESS, PLEASE GIVE US MORE PROOF THAT IT IS OKAY" . . In this way all member's that are involve in the same business will be helping each other in telling our member's that their business is okay and we can avoid competition between member's who are promoting the same OL business.

The admin do not take responsibility nor personally endorse any on-line programs being posted by the members. It will be the member's personal responsibility to scrutinize any on-line program that he/she want to join.

The Admin reserves the right to delete any post which we found to be malicious in nature.