Orthodox Jews Against Discrimination and Racism

We are Orthodox Jews, without distinctions and transcending labels.

The group was originally founded in response to the events that transpired some time ago surrounding the Bais Yaakov in Emanuel. Since then, the group has grown significantly and expanded its focus. The core mission remains:

We are very disturbed by the phenomena of discrimination, racism, bigotry and xenophobia within our community. We are very interested in taking constructive and positive steps towards the eradication of these issues.

We have a few guidelines. Due to time constraints and the volume of the discourse here - the admins can only enforce sporadically and inconsistently. Some self-vigilance is therefore requested!

1. Experience has demonstrated the logic of a preference that the participants in the group be Orthodox - defined as belief in the Rambam's 13 principles. We do make exceptions upon request.

2. The mission of the group is to combat discrimination and racism in our community. As such, posts should be on that topic, and not on other topics. There are other places to discuss other Jewish ideas, but we will stick to our mission. (except for an occasional diverting post when things get heated up and we need a break!).

3. Some discussions have gotten rather disrespectful, both towards individuals in and out of the group, and towards groups. Please stick to discussing ideas in a respectful manner. It's ok to feel strongly about a topic. It is not ok to be nasty. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES may foul language be used.

4.Even when legitimately disagreeing, pleae make your point as gently as possible. While those of us who are used to the Beis Midrash scene might be ok with such strong ways of arguing, many people will not, and we want ALL members to feel comfortable. Speak to people, not at or down to them.

5. It is vital to understand that not everyone is on the same page as to what is or isn't discrimination. This group is not just for people who have passed some test as to being sufficiently anti-discrimination, but for discussion about these topics. The more people we include in these discussions the more broad will be the positive results of the group.

6. As the discussion of discrimination on the basis of behavior that the Torah forbids distracts from the core purpose of the group, no new posts on the topic of homosexuality are allowed in this group.

(This guideline does *not* apply to the "Closed Subgroup")

Those who wish to engage in new threads on the topic of homosexuality have two choices:

a. Post your thread in the "Orthodox Jews Against Homophobia" (http://www.facebook.com/groups/105176256204275/) group.
b. Post your thread in the Closed subgroup.

7. As a general rule, we don't like adding people going under pseudonyms to the group.

Anything in violation of the guidelines is subject to deletion. When a preponderance of comments violate these guidelines, the entire thread is subject to deletion. "Repeat offenders" will be blocked.