You Know You Want It #FoodPorn.

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10cent Ramen to filet Mingon it's still Foodporn.

With all Due respect. I am asking you and all others who Have been posting to You know you want it foodporn from a third party status/Or a status from a blog or another page to please upload directly to the "You know you want it foodporn Page" And only upload Food Pics/Photography, Recipes, and Video recipes ect ect. you can easily Copy and paste all literature along with the Pics you upload and post to our page. Any post containing Links to your page or blog will be considered as a Form of Recruitment and will be Deleted along with the Person/Persons Thanks You.

Any SPAM NOT Related to Food, Foodporn, Food Recipes, and how to food cooking videos recipes will be deleted and so will the person or persons involved.. thanks

This is a very friendly oriented group plz don't mistake kindness for weakness..thanks again.