Once Upon a Time Addicts

This group is meant to be a fan discussion community made by the fans, for the fans. There is little to no censorship, you can ship who you want with who you want, and feel free to get down to the nitty and gritty with some of the more controversial topics. You don't have to agree with everyone, but everyone has an opinion, and you have to understand that.

The Rules
-We're big on respect on here. Please treat each other with the respect you want to receive from them. Debate with respect, discuss with respect. Do not start throwing insults, it will not be tolerated. Posts will be removed if a flame war begins. RACISM AND HOMOPHOBIA WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!

That said, you are allowed to express dislike towards the show, characters, etc, as long as you are aware that A- people may not agree with you, and B-they will respond to you.

-No Racism or Homophobia! We will remove people who decide to derail topics about potential homosexual couples on the show by being homophobic. First time gets a warning, next time gets a boot. We've seen this far too often where someone decides to start making homophobic comments and then the whole thread blows up and has to be deleted. Not going to happen here. We will nip the problem where it pops up, aka, in the posts.

- We welcome spoilers! Feel free to post whatever spoilers you can! The only time repeats will be removed is if there gets to be way too many.

- NO ADVERTISING, unless we agree to a share for share. AKA: See an Admin.

- I do not believe in word censorship, and thus, you will not be forced to censor your language in any way, shape, or form on here, as long as it's nothing pornographic. I draw the line at pornographic material. You can post some of the more explicit fan-edits, as long as no genitalia and no explicit sex acts are being shown.

- ALL SHIPPING is allowed. I don't care if it's canon or not, it's allowed and up for discussion. That said... (added 3/24/15)

*First, do not take over every single other ship thread and make it all about your ship or trash talk the characters. (And on that note, a lovely little rule addition is being made today, we will not tolerate character OR actor disrespect in ANY way, shape, or form. )

*Second, we WILL NOT allow any kind of cyber bullying. We will not tolerate someone doing this in or outside of the group.

*OUAT: Addicts was started as a safe haven. We will not allow it to turn into flaming. If you feel like someone has been bullying you, or being rude, please feel free to report the post, or if you see it outside of the group, screenshot it and send it to an admin, and we WILL handle it.

- Starting games. Have fun and feel free to start whatever games you want. This is a fan community, not a jail.

- We LOVE fanart and fanfics! Please feel free to post them whenever you feel like!!!