Order of Universal Interfaith and communities

OUnI is a religious order for Interfaith (Multifaith), Interspiritual and Integral sacred service to all faiths and the Spiritually Independent. (www.ouni.org)

There are 9 communities with OUnI's family:

The Community of The Mystic Heart, originally based on the work of Brother Wayne Teasdale as the "Universal Order of Sannyasa," is a community created in partnership with InterSpiritual Dialogue n' Action (www.isdna.org) that fulfills the vision to create one interspiritual community of contemplatives and mystics.

The "integral Spirituality Nexus" was consecrated to service on September 25th 2010 in Sedona Arizona USA. It is focusing much of its work on integral chaplaincy and building integral community on college campuses.

The Universalus Interspiritual Community is a locally-based program supporting the community around Baltimore MD. There are other chapters now forming in other states.

The Community of Holistic Theology is a program to support the alumni and students of the American Institute of Holistic Theology.

The Order of the Peoples Monastery is an interfaith collective of artists, educators and mystics that serves the New York City community through theatrical offerings, educational forums and spiritual ritual.

The Tau Community of St. Francis is located in the U.K.

The Community of Cosmo-centric Spirituality is located in Chicago, IL. It is based on the work of Matthew Fox and Rev. Dr. Theodore Richards.

The All-Paths Spiritual Community is the local ecclesiastic community for the seminary program located in Los Angeles, California.

The Wise Heart Community of Baltimore, Maryland, which practices Hindu / Yoga.