Oxford Parkour

Welcome to Oxford Parkour, a community for anybody training in or interested in trying parkour / buildering / freerunning or any other related movement disciplines in and around Oxford.

While we hold no formal qualifications, among us we have many years of experience in the discipline and our goal is to make Parkour safe, accessible and easy to get into for anyone who wants to learn, as well as providing resources (and people to train with) for existing practitioners to better explore the fantastic architecture and movement possibilities provided by Oxford.

We aim to organise 3-5 sessions a week, in various outdoor locations around Oxford, falling into the following categories:
- Introductory sessions
- Focussed training sessions
- Non-Male sessions
- Informal ('Jam'-style) Training

All The times and locations are publicised inside and more details on what all of these entail can be found on our website.

For the structured sessions we ask for a donation of £2 per session (with your first one being free) and the informal sessions are free (as they should be). Every penny of the funds collected goes straight back into the community e.g. paying for things like the website fees, freshers' fair stall, buying the first aid kit, that sort of stuff. No one ever profits from this group and everyone running the sessions is a volunteer.

In addition to these sessions, we encourage everyone to use this group to get in touch with other practitioners, share ideas and organise your own sessions. To help you with this, we have compiled a map of locations we have found to date: http://tinyurl.com/OXFPK - Stick a thread up, tell people a time and a place and make it happen!

Nikolay Timofeev - President
Harry Cruse - Vice President
Holly Lees - Treasurer
Alex May - Coach and Advisor
Ophélie Lebrasseur - Advisor