Official Anime North Facebook Group

For official announcements and FAQs by the staff of Anime North: Canada's Premier Fan-Run Anime Convention

Anime North 2015 will be held on the weekend of May 22 - 24, 2015 at the Toronto Congress Centre and International Plaza Hotel. Hope to see you there!!!


1) This group is open to all ages. No profanity, pornography, or illegal content.

1a) Discussing or posting information about illegal subjects, including but not limited to child pornography, will result in an immediate ban from the group.Yes, anime CP counts under the Criminal Code of Canada.

1b) Don't link to websites that host content that is not licensed to them.

2) Be nice. No flaming, trolling, whining, personal attacks or any other annoying obnoxious behavior. No racism, hate speech, homophobia, Anime North is inclusive.

2a) Posting other people's personal information will result in expulsion from the group.

2b) No posts about cosplayers' bodies. If you like the costume, post about the COSTUME, but no more shaming, blaming or concern trolling as an excuse to use demeaning language about their bodies.

2c) Quibbling, nitpicking, claiming victimhood and other things intended to derail and/or control conversation will not be tolerated. Those who don't get the hint when warned will be put on time out or banned.

3) Don’t flood the group with your artwork or meme images. If you want to show off your pictures in the group, add a link to their album and remember to check the access permissions.

3a) Don't post "selfies".

4) No politics. That includes con or fan politics. No attacks on other conventions, convention organizers or fan groups.

5) No advertising products or services, including used items. Exhibitors at Anime North may make a post before the convention to say that they will be there and what they have to offer.

5b) Organizers of fan-run events are welcome to post to promote their events such as cosplay picnics and other conventions. AN staff will not post for you, as that may be mistaken for official endorsement.

6) No posts about buying or selling Anime North memberships. If you have registered but cannot make it to Anime North this year, please check our return policy on the registration page of the website.

6a) No posts requesting for roommates or rides.

7) No back-talk, arguing, being disrespectful or just plain annoying to the admins.

8) Threads on certain hot-button issues may have posts removed and a warning given if an admin believes the discussion has gotten too out-of-hand. In the case that the problem continues, the thread may be deleted. If warranted, the thread may then be restarted by the admin with additional ground rules to be followed for the thread to continue.

9) Breaking any of these rules will result in the offending post being deleted and/or the offender being kicked from the group. An explanation MAY be given for the action in private or in group.