Official Lindsey Stirling Fan Group

Welcome to the very First Official Fan Page/Group for Lindsey Stirling!

In an effort to create an uplifting, safe place for Lindsey’s fans to gather, we feel the need to outline some rules:
1. Try to make posts related to Lindsey Stirling.
2. Keep it squeaky clean.
3. Be kind and respectful of others feelings and opinions.
Posts or comments that do not fall under these guidelines will be removed. Posts/comments causing too much drama may also be removed. We will no longer be contacting people or explaining why posts/comments have been removed. In the words of Thumper: "If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all." If you ever feel that your post/comment was removed in error please contact Jennifer Fletcher.
Signed: Jennifer S Fletcher, Richard Olsen, Matt Janovsky, Marco Ghinato, Nicolas Hersant, Kristian Kazmierczak, Nathan Sabah, Tom Beno, Eugene Smirnoff, Michael Johnson.

That's it! Enjoy, Have fun & meet some new friends! (:

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