Oink! comic


Oink! was a British comic aimed mainly at children (but which had a much wider appeal) and was published from 3 May 1986 to 22 October 1988. Setting out to be deliberately anarchic, original and at times just plain rude, it was a breath of fresh piggy air.

Part of its difference in the marketplace was that it attracted writers and cartoonists from a wide range of previous disciplines. It was devised, launched and edited by Patrick Gallagher, Private Eye regular contributor Tony Husband and the late Mark Rodgers; although within the fiction of the comic is was "edited" by a character called Uncle Pigg (similar to 2000 AD's Tharg the Mighty).

Featured artists and writers were Husband's Private Eye colleague Haldane, ex-The Fall member and future BBC Radio 1 radio host Marc "Lard" Riley, Malcolm Douglas RIP (JT Dogg), future Viz contributors Davy Thorp and Chris Donald, future Beano writer/artist Kev F Sutherland, future Marvel UK and Titan editor/writer/cartoonist David Leach, satirical media commentator-to-be Charlie Brooker, all-round cartoonist extraordinaire Lew Stringer, Whizzer and Chips cartoonist Graham Exton and the late, great Chris Sievey (Frank Sidebottom).