Okmulgee, Buy, Sell, Trade

This is a place to sell, buy or swap.

• Please limit the bumping to once every 24 hours.
• If you are posting links to other sites that is okay, but only on the DOC for site links.
• Once your item sells delete the item. If you are unable, write "SOLD" so that admin can delete it.
• If you stand someone up twice you will be deleted. If you do not get back with someone you stood up within 24 hours you will be deleted.
• Please state the pick up areas on the post when you post to avoid any frustrations.
• All posts must be screened due to inappropriate activity on this site. Please be patient and avoid reposting and PMing me to approve them. I will get to them asap.
• Respect goes a long way. Respect each other and this site will do well. Treat others as you would like to be treated. If you have a complaint, PM the admin and I will get back to you. Thanks
NO WEAPONS OR AMMO TO BE SOLD ON THIS SITE. This site will no longer tolerate "Backdoor Sales". A Backdoor Sale is a sale made by texting or messaging. First Person to comment has first chance to buy. Thanks.