Old School Hip Hop

1. If you post non related hip hop bullshit, you will get banned... so pay attention to what you
are posting. X vs Y posts will be deleted.

2. There is an official 2pac & Biggie Official Group. Join that group(link at
the bottom). ANY 2PAC OR BIGGIE POSTS WILL BE DELETED.Why? Because some of you don't know nothing else and you're spamming the group with the same old posts.

3. More 70s and early 80s guys! Don't be limited to only late 80s and 90s. There is more to hip hop.
4. The group is called OLD SCHOOL. If you post new school hip hop, you'll get banned. The cut off year for posts is 1994 anything after will be deleted ..

5. Don't advertise pages, groups, soundcloud or anything else in here especially if you never even shared a song. If you came here for advertising, you're gonna get permanent ban. We do not allow soundcloud links on this group but check the links at the bottom for groups where you can share them. Please do not share your own material

6. Respect everybody in this group. Just because someone has a different opinion than you, that doesn't give you the right to start cussing. If you do start a fight with a person, you will be removed without warning.

7. As far as I know (you should too) Hip Hop is a culture, it's more than just music, meaning it has 5 elements. Don't forget about BBoying, Graffiti, DJs and Beatboxers

8.Disrespect any members or group rules and we will ban you instantly..This is not Baseball.

If you have a problem just contact one of our admins:
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- James Mugo.
-David Miller.
-Martin likes low riders
-John Fox
- Daehwan Kim (김대환)


OFFICIAL OLD SCHOOL HIP HOP PAGE Check it out and LIKE it. Thank you.

Other groups we, the old school hip hop team, run.

Today's Hip Hop for those who wanna share and listen to new school hip hop, underground, real new school hip hop!

2pac & Biggie Official Group for those who wanna keep in touch with other die hard 2pac and Biggie fans.

Strictly Rap 'n' Hip Hop. for more and more hip hop songs, old and new! https://www.facebook.com/groups/StrictlyRap.n.HipHop/