Old is gold ( Old 7-11 )

***WELLCOME ****

Old is Gold (Old 7-11 ) Group
This is new Group and into fun - jokes

๑۩۩๑ RULES ๑۩۩๑

===> Rules of Group for everyone.

▬►Please make sure that you are posting at public place.
▬► Don't abuse any one and use only clean language.
▬►Don't say anything bad about any religions, caste, religion's belief etc
▬►Personal comments on any Member not allowed ( Directly/Indirectly).
▬►If you disagree on any statement, Please don't fight just open a new argument and let
others answer on that topic.
▬►Every person feels free to participate by following this rules.

===> Please don't brake the following rules otherwise you will be removed and banned from group without inform you.

Thank You All for reading this i know that you people are Best and know how to behave. smile emoticon

๑♥♥๑Thanks for joining us :)๑♥♥๑