Christian Olsen vs Mesothelioma

Christian Olsen and his family would like to promote awareness regarding His battle with Mesothelioma and living in order to find a Cure and with His interim Medical Treatments. Chris's Testimony is pure, honest and from the heart. Many facts were heard by other Meso. Patients. The difference with Christian is that he was not exposed to Asbestos. There is no know reason for him to have formed this cancer. He is a healthy 33 year old man who is a husband and father to two young children. So why did this happen to Chris and his family?

Please take the time to read this page and select the links so that you may view the video interview with Channel 12 of Connecticut.

Funds may be donated by clicking on the links within the FB group.
Scroll to the top of this page for an interactive link that will take you directly to the contribution web site; GOFUNDME . com for Chris's donation page.

We stand behind Chris, his wife Lisa, and all their families and friends to promote the need through Social Media in an effort to provide funding for Chris's Medical Bills, and his contribution to allow some of the most experienced doctors in the world work on his surgeries and outcomes. The latter in an effort to find a CURE for Mesothelioma.