Olton and Surrounding Communities' Happenings

This group's mission is to keep people informed about events and functions that are happening in our town as well as in surrounding towns. Now events can include fun family activities, school/church/organization fundraisers, religious retreats, arts-n-crafts festivals, school/church event happenings, plays, and things along that line. Get creative! no profanity and there will be a zero tolerance for this. Please be respectful as there may be postings from different religions on their events and let's keep this as an informational based group. Invite your friends to join and have fun!
New Rules!
Description and Price must be posted with whatever is being sold or traded.
Please delete posts after a week or make a new one. If you need something bumped please contact one of the admins. We can be found under members.
If I see any disrespect or drama you will be removed.
Keep it clean!