One Stop Swap 1.5 (ADULT Clothing/Shoes Single pics ONLY)

WELCOME! OSS was created on a Christian basis and we expect you to respect that. No profanity or rudeness.

Marni Desiree- Head Admin/Creator
Renita Sturgis- Senior Admin
Tara Ritchie- Senior Admin/Creator
Brenda Kinnear- Admin
Dawn Ortiz Jones- Site Cleaner

Please keep a friendly attitude while on site & at meets. Admins and I will NOT show favoritism.

You must be 18 yrs old to make purchases!

We meet EVERY SATURDAY 10am-11am @ First Christian Church
2876 Moody Ave
Orange Park, FL 32073
(Behind Academy Sports in OP)

Be sure to wait to be parked by admin. DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 9:45.
Please DO NOT leave ANY trash.

Here's how it works: Seller posts a pic of an item, you (the buyer) want it, you type "SOLD" in the comment field. Then meet with your sellers on Saturday (info listed above) to get your items. NO FCFS ON HERE!!!

!!!!***SITE RULES***!!!!

(1) If you DO NOT come to the meets, please delete from the group. This group is specifically for one stop swapping ONLY at the designated time & place listed above.

(2) DON'T OFFER LOWER PRICES (unless there's an OBO on the post). ASK THE SELLER IF THEY ARE "FIRM" ON THEIR PRICE and WAIT 2 HOURS AFTER THE ITEM IS POSTED BEFORE YOU ASK. The 2 hr rule also applies to OBO items.

(3) You may bump your listings every 12 hours ONLY bumping 15 pics at a time, every 3-4 hours. Posts will be deleted at 30 days for inactivity.

(4) Keep ALL trading on the site, NOT thru PM's.

(5) MANDATORY: Name tags with your FB name & BIG board with FB name to place by vehicle at meets. Both have to be readable from afar. Certain members sell tags & signs if you need them.

(6)Write down your buyers/sellers to tag them on Fridays as a reminder.

(7)Sellers have the right to refuse sales of their items to anyone who has wronged them on previous purchases and/or stood them up. If a buyer continually does NOT show up to the meets and will not answer tags and/or PM's, they will be deleted by admin.

(8) You get 30 minutes to respond after seller answers your questions. The 1st inquirer has 1st dibs if the question was posted after 10pm. Inquirer must check by 9am for seller's reply. After that, its fair game. If a SELLER tags someone because they KNOW someone is looking for something, that tagged person has 30 minutes to respond with sold or pass or it automatically goes to next person in line. IF it's after 10pm, they have til 9am to respond.

(9)THIS SITE IS FOR SINGLE PICS ONLY OF ADULT CLOTHES & SHOES ONLY! ALBUMS WILL BE DELETED! You may bump your pics every 12 hours. ONLY POST 15 PICS PER DAY! If you want to post more, make an album on OSS #2 OR make a collage for several items. NO BABY/KIDS ITEMS ALLOWED ON HERE!!! Join the kids site listed below.

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