ONE of a KIND, Nature and Wildlife Photography

ONLY one of a KIND photography will be accepted..if you have image you do like to be part of this group it would have to be approved ...Please feel free to upload your image, only if you think you have one of a kind photo...administrator of this group will advertise and buy ads once this group takes attract buyers ..if you wish to be member please send request ..thanks


As of today Satrurday,July,20th,2013 ALL IMAGES submitted to this group MUST HAVE descriptions...WILDLIFE images must state where image was taken or will be REJECTED ....

It is in your interested NOT TO PUT BORDERS around image ...NO BORDERS around images as of today ....I will let go what is already uploaded as it was my fault not to post this statement before any images were uploaded ....buyers don't wish to see borders....

NO ZOO images or Wildlife in CAPTIVITY

MEMBERS no SHARING in this group....unless otherwise stated must ask ARTIST first ....and if they allow SHARING go ahead and share

ADMINISTRATOR will be ROTATING daily images on top that will stay on top 24 hours ....that way each image gets exposure ...and is not buried in the pile ...

ADMINISTRATOR will CRAWL the FACEBOOK and search for suitable work from time to time ....and invite you to ONE OF A KIND

ART in many ways is approved at ONE OF A KIND..but if you creating image from several different images, for example adding to the photo elements that original didn't have and if ADMINISTRATOR finds this out ..YOU WILL BE REMOVED from ONE OF A KIND indefinitely ... This is strictly NATURE group and no artificial art is allowed ...NOT ALLOWED HERE

If you try to pass images to ONE of a KIND, Nature and Wildlife Photography as a wildlife but it is not I will ban you permanently ...I am promoting wildlife and not animals that been cared for in rehab environment or captivity or and of a kind...this is just a FRIENDLY warning ...

No advertisement of any sort with your image ...image will be rejected...such as Flicker, your own website etc...

As of today August,5th,2013 your image must have at least one size and price and type of print in your description so that potential interesting party gets idea it is for sale ..

You must be prepared to SELL YOUR OWN IMAGE printed in lab and not on FAA or any other STOCK SITE
If I catch that you luring buyer on another site to sell of that site you are BANND FOR LIFE


Thank you for your co-operation