Online Portrait Painting Classes by Luke R. Harris

Thanks for your interest in the Online Portrait Painting Class. The "Virtual-Online" Classes can be bought and downloaded at your own convenience for $25.00 each. The "Actual" Classes are every Tuesday and Thursday for a month from 7-10: pm. They will be held every month in my private home studio which has over 800 square feet of space to work in. You may repeat the class until I feel that your skills far surpass my own.
Class levels range from Beginners to Semi-professional painters. I expect that my students keep a sketch-book for doing 3-half hour face studies a day to practice the things that we will learn in class. The first half-hour of each class will be used for doing a quick face study painting of a model to help the students warm-up. The rest of the time is spent on a larger portrait which you will be working on the entire month. The cost is $20.00 a class; you must bring your own painting supplies.
I do accept donations instead of cash, such as: bar stools, sable brushes, oil paints of any brand, 2"x4" lumber, 1/4" masonite board, Coca-cola, Pizza, Head-models that work for free, antique cameras, comic-books, Art books, T-shirts, etc. On the first day, I would like to see your portfolio so I can make an assessment of your skill-level. I will give you a list of my suggestions for painting supplies also on that day. I will demonstrate how to do the 30 min. face studies, and how to build a painting support or stretch a canvas. If you have any more questions, please email or call me.