Online Shopping Mall

This group related to internet marketing,affiliate marketing,online shopping etc.Members can post about the above mentioned topics also can advertise their product and website.Read group rules before posting.
Group Rules
1.Please dont spam us.If we found a link is spam,the post with the link and the user who posted the link should be banned without warning.
2.Members can post how many times as they wish.
3.Members can add their friends into this group.
4.Members can post about the topics like internet marketing,shopping materials,affiliate marketing,article marketing,online marketing.
5.If any member posting contents that doesn't belongs to above topics,should be banned.
6.Also dont promote other pages,groups through this group.If anybody promotes that,should be banned.
7.Dont abuse any members of the group through wall or group chat.
8.Dont post Images containing Nudity and vulgar.
9.It is better if you make your hoplinks short by using tinyURL or other services.
10.Dont link your Posts to any other page and group.
If anyone run against the above rules,will be banned without warning and never add again.